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This Newsletter will be a weekly newsletter wherein I will talk about what I'm learning as well as what you can do to become the best version of yourself along with my best recommendations for each week. These recommendations can be courses, books, podcasts, blogs or may be some movies too! Also, because you will be the part of the community, I might share some of the free but at the same time, extremely useful resources with you... 

The mail will landup in your inbox on Friday. The main reason of choosing this day is because generally week days are packed up if we are students or professionals... Let's take out some time for ourselves on weekends instead of  just mindlessly scrolling on social media or watching back to back movies! :)

I hate spam as much as you do & at the same time I respect your privacy so I promise to only send you emails and newsletters filled with value and connect with you on yet another platform.

By signing up, you’re joining a community of people like you who are want to create a life they love and are proud of. What are you waiting for? 

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