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5 Times Prachi Gautam, a Digital Coach broke the myths around Digital Marketing

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

6 years back, being an outsider, Digital Coach Prachi Gautam went through a rough ride trying to get into an ever-growing industry like Digital Marketing. Through a slow and steady walk, Prachi started her journey as a creative writer at Blackboard Edutech.

Later she went on to become a Technical SEO writer and Social Media Marketer for a company named Systango. For a couple of years, Prachi made herself equipped with lots of learning in the field.

But the 26-year-old Coach didn’t wanna set herself up for a mere 9-5 job and charged into freelancing full-time to explore Digital Marketing as a whole.

The young lady then come up with an online digital marketing brand named, U Savvy Academy where she teaches Content Writing, SEO, and Instagram as well as Facebook Marketing courses.

Prachi Gautam, Digital Marketer & Founder of uSavvy Academy
Image: Prachi Gautam, Digital Marketer & Founder of uSavvy Academy

Let’s take a look at the 5 MYTHS Prachi broke as a Digital Marketer:
  1. Prachi didn’t get a proper roadmap and found that there was a lack of information & knowledge about Digital Marketing. So, the girl herself founded an Online Academy for everyone who wants to do something which is not traditional. She definitely broke all the misconceptions about DM and is still making the platform safer for everyone.

  2. She now gives free counseling sessions to students who have misconceptions or less knowledge about the field or even want to pre and re-launch their careers be it moms, students, corporate employees, and many more. Prachi says, “I feel like I’m responsible for those people lacking career guidance and confidence”.

  3. Coming from a village where she didn’t have a stable internet connection, Prachi made it pretty clear that anyone who is not equipped with any prior knowledge of digital marketing still can make it. They just need a basic laptop with a stable connection to develop a skill from which they can earn through the comfort of Home.

  4. Even though Prachi has all the reasons to just sell her courses and earn a million bucks, your digital guru is providing free and constant content available on her social media handles. Prachi envisions helping people who are in need and couldn’t afford the course for any reason. Staying true to her responsibility, she has recently launched her YouTube channel where she provides a number of masterclasses where students or anyone who wants to learn the tried & tested tips to grow online and leverage various aspects of digital marketing.

  5. 'No one’s too busy to help people even if they are at the top'. With a following of more than 89K and still growing, Prachi provides Lifetime support to her students and updates them with the ever-changing algorithm of social media platforms.

Here’s how you can get mentored by forever Cool & Dog mom, Prachi Gautam herself, her social media handles are mentioned below:

Check out and get a free counseling session with Prachi!

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