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My First Blog - Just a heart to heart conversation!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Hey There!

Thank you for taking your precious time for coming here & listening to me :)

It really matters a lot to me...

May be we are strangers or you know me in person... Actually it doesn't matter... Just want to say Hi! I am with you... Looking forward to connect with you.

In case you want to know something about me, click here...

Guessing you are back after visiting about me page! ;)

What to expect?

I think now you already know that this blog will be all about trying lots of good things, some lifestyle changes and lots of new learnings. All in all this will help all of us to get properly alligned towards our goals and aspirations.

You can expect blogs on various topics such as Personal Development, Self improvement & Personal Growth...

From a life we all have some expectations. We all have some goals for ourselves... May be starting our own venture, getting into a dream job, travelling the world, becoming a billionaire or just being happy and wealthy!

If we want to be happy, there might be some steps we need to follow like having a proper communication with family and friends, becoming financially independent, knowing our passion... What we want to do in life? Where we want to be?

Doesn't make sense?

Current Scenario

In todays world we all are just running assuming that life is a treadmill. Isn't that?

When was the last time you gave some time to yourself? When was the last moment when you dumped all your thoughts on a piece of paper?

These are some very basic things but as quoted in movies "Life is a Circus", we all are just acting like jokers!

We are only living on some standards on which may be we don't want to live...

We have to control the speed & direction towards our destination i.e. our goals.

I feel you!

I know it is difficult especially during these times ( year 2020-2021) due to the pandemic & this whole health emergency...

I can understand the thoughts running in your mind. It is so much disturbing to see people struggling and dying not just because of virus, but also due to hunger, other diseases and war!

Don't worry! Everything will be alright. Everything will be fine and back to normal soon!

Just give some time... Meanwhile, just not let this time to pass... Let's do something meaningful which can help us to grow as a better individual.

Wrapping up!

Let's promise ourselves even being busy in work, we'll take some time for ourselves. Time for learning a new skill, upgrading our previous skills and for self care too... Promise?

Let's wrap it up for now, i'll see you in my next blog...

Next blog will be all about basics, i.e. understanding the difference between simple similar sounding words that are Self Improvement, Self Development, Personal Development and Personal Growth... You read it right! These words are not same... They have different meaning.

Thank you so much for showing your presence till end. :)

Bye, See you soon.

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